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Project Name: Central Polk Parkway (from US 17 to SR 60)

Project Website:

Project Number: 440897-2

Impacted Counties: Polk

Condemning Authority: Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

Budget for Land Acquisition: $38,524,833

Project Description:

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise is conducting a PD&E study for a proposed new four-lane toll road which will also be known as Central Polk Parkway (SR 570B). The project is planned to extend from the current Polk Parkway (SR 570) from US 17 (SR 35) to SR 60 in Polk County. There was a public meeting held on February 9, 2021, to present the preferred alternative. You can see the video below. The PD&E Study of the Central Polk Parkway is ongoing. Construction is not yet funded.

We are here to help you obtain full compensation for your property. Under Florida law, the entity taking property from a landowner, is required to pay the owner’s reasonable attorney and expert fees. If your property is impacted by this project, call us toll-free at (844) 925-3144.


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