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Project Name: Colonial Parkway/ SR 50

Project Website:

Project Number: 4403141

Impacted Counties: Orange

Condemning Authority: FDOT

Project Description:

Widening of Colonial Parkway/ SR 50 is being planned by the Florida Department of Transportation. Traffic on parts of Colonial is expected to exceed 110,000 cars per day in 2045. Plans include new travel lanes and new limited access toll lanes for a total of ten lanes. The plans include a design to reduce congestion, add continuous sidewalks and multi-use trails, and improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.

A preferred alternative was presented at a public hearing that was held on September 26, 2019. Depictions of the preferred alternative are shown below. Design of the project is now underway and is expected to last through 2023.

If your property is impacted by this project, please give our attorneys a call at 800-522-4171 or 407-843-0404. We would be happy to explain the eminent domain process to you and review your case at no cost to you.



Preferred Alternative Segment 2

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